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Woods before Sekisui's Acquisition

As you see the photo left, the small woods have been a private property remained as it was for more than several hundreds years until Sekisui's acquisition in 2006. There have been many big trees and very rare trees also in the woods, forgotten from most people for decades, which is very rare for the land like this, located in the senter of Tokyo. It was the home of several big Japanese Black Pines (Pinus Thunbergii), lots of Ligustrum lucidum (which is not the original piece in Japan but from imported from China in the Meiji Era, though), many Castanopsis sieboldii, beautiful maple trees, kids loving Quercus serrata, tens of Zelkova, Metasequoia, Cherry trees, and Chaenomeles sinensis.
In terms of wild animals, the woods were home for Japanese racoons for more than hundred years, and many beautiful birds made those threes their homes. ... until Sekisui House acquired the woods.

Sekisui House call themselves as "eco-first company."

Here in Japan, you will view lots of propaganda TVCM of Sekisui House: So, if you don't know what they really do against nature, you might believe their lie. We believed the same until they came in our neighborhood. For Sekisui House, "woods protection" means cutting down 100 years old Liriodendron, build a condominium, and plant a baby Liriodendron which you may be able to find in a garden shop.
Then you ask Sekisui House "Where is the big tree?" Then they will tell you "Sir, that's our reincarnation service." But this is a start of destroying nature. We should tell them a clear "NO" for what arrogance Sekisui House call "eco."

Woods Today

Until we asked them to stop cutting down historic trees, Sekisui House has cut down more than 50% of trees in the woods. Sekisui House is still trying to cut more trees when the management of the company give the front "GO" sign. Sekisui House keeps the woods uncut for now, but the major reason to stop cutting is just a bad economy. Once the economy is back, Sekisui House restart their project to destroy all of the historic trees.
Mejirozaka League is now going under trials with the local government who gave a prtmit of cutting down all trees, but once the construction restarts, we are considering to bring a lawsuit against Sekisui House in any place best in the world.

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