Updated on 2010/07/09

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Sekisui House has bad records of defect condominium

June 30, 2010, the Weekly Gendai reported a Sekisui built condominim which Ayako Nishikawa, a television commentator, purchased in 200 million yen last year went submerged after 20 minutes heavy rain because drain pipe was not connected to the external drain spout. Sekisui House didn't explain why it wasn't connected until Nishikawa asked, trying to escape from the responsibility to recover. Later the company agreed to compensate submerged proprties, but the similar "loss" of explanation takes place even in Mejirozaka. Mejirozaka is a place famous for lots of underground water, and when people asked Sekisui for the underground water, a company representative just said there would be no problem. However, the trials have identified lots of problems so far.

The development permit that the condominium depends is under lawsuits

As of July 4, 2010, the League placed several lawsuits against the local government to cancel the development permits. What you are buying may never be built in future if the government looses. So please don't risk loosing your money by buying the condominium. Although sales people tell you many bright things, but please listen to us as well for more true information.

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